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IPSI is a proud supporter of best practice research and industry documentation to facilitate the continuous improvement of our services. When you work with IPSI, you can be certain that our solutions for your plant are as unique as your operation and informed by the latest developments in automation technology.

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Continuous Process Versus Batch Process Power Demand Management

Utility billing for separate hot mill and cold mill facilities is based on energy usage during “on-peak” periods. In this paper, we discuss solutions for the two facilities that combine the properties of the processes to optimize production and save money on utility bills.

Pickle Line Staged Drive Upgrade

In this document, we will present how the pickle line drives (also the wet section motors) were upgraded and modernized in multiple short outages (using existing short maintenance outages), with as much work done as possible with the pickle line running, minimizing down time, and coordinating the new drives with the yet-to-be upgraded legacy drives.

Temper Mill Roll Force Cylinder Control

This paper describes how we recently upgraded and modernized a temper mill (in-line with a pickle line).

Temper Mill Roll Work Roll End Heating

In this download, we will explore the theoretical causes of the observed work roll heating patterns and possible solutions to successfully run the material in question on the existing surface conditioning mills.

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